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Digging through the dirt of life to find the freedom to fly seems to be my life’s theme so far, and so it is also the theme for this blog. This blog is my way of navigating through my past and present experiences and thoughts in order to get to a better future.

The name “Grounded Angel” represents two ideas. One is the idea of a being who is meant to fly and soar freely but who has actually been lassoed to the ground and kept there by the pain and heaviness of life. This “grounded Angel” is broken and longs to regain the use of her wings.

The second idea is of a being who is flying and soaring freely as an angel would but who is also grounded in a healthy way to the reality of life. This “grounded angel” is not flittering around in a spacey disconnected way, but is flying freely while still held securely to the earth. This “grounded angel” is whole and connected both to heaven and to earth.

My long journey is taking me from the first to the latter. I do not know if and when this journey will end, but there is a wide range of joy, sorrow, tension, release, triumph, and failure as I travel across the finite portion of the vast terrain of time and space that is my life.

I wrote a poem entitled “Grounded Angel” a while back as I struggled with the tension of this journey. The poem came from a place of struggle. It came from a darker place because it came from the place where things that I have kept pushed down all of my life were beginning to give in to an inner pressure. They were needing to be released, and I didn’t know how to do that so the poem bubbled out.  Here it is:

What’s the pain that lurks beneath the surface trying to get out?
Building up continuously until it starts to bleed and seep
Overflowing from the heart into the body, Now it’s an ache.
Tears welling up then pulling back, rarely allowed to weep

Grounded angel, broken wings, needing to be free
Release me from this cage so that I can be me.

What are all these hidden secrets? What have I blocked out?
Why did I allow the fear to bury it so deep?
How can I dig up this pain and get it out of me?
How did I go from flying high to falling fast asleep?

Grounded angel, broken wings, needing to be free
Release me from this cage so that I can be me.

My hope is that by sharing my stories and becoming a little vulnerable I will be able to connect with those people that can relate, and  we will all find comfort in the reality that we are not alone in this. At the core of the human heart we are all connected. We are all in this life together. Deep inside we all share the same longing to let go of the heavy burdens that have been placed upon us and to fly freely. Thanks for joining me on this terrifying yet marvelous journey called life. 🙂

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the The Puuuurfact Poets Award!

Haiku by me (Grounded Angel/Jessica)

Poems bubble out

They come from deep within me

Not thoughts but heart songs


(I nominate jake.ox)

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