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Sometimes in life I can feel a shift occurring, and it is hard to describe in words. I can feel things or even see hints of things happening in a spiritual dimension before things happen in the material world. It is weird, but that is how things work. You hear phrases that describe this phenomenon like “mind over matter,” but I have noticed on a strange intuitive level that things happen or are formed on some kind of energetic dimension before they manifest physically.

This is one way that faith works. You “call things that are not as though they are. ” You speak things into being.

Also sometimes illness can begin on an emotional or soul level . A person can have severe emotional trauma that they never deal with or a wounded soul that eventually manifests itself in the physical body as sickness, addiction, or pain.

I know this sounds like mumbo jumbo, but all I can say is that I have experienced this enough in my life to be able to vouch for the fact that there is something bigger going on, and I can intuitively feel something sometimes before I see it materialize in reality.

The funny thing is that I do not know what is about to happen or materialize. I can just feel that something is about to change or shift. I even felt it right before I got pregnant with my daughter.

Well I feel that now. And there has been some interesting synchronicity lately that affirms my feelings. I do not believe in coincidences.

Lately, for a while now actually, I have been praying differently. Every day I have been praying about the breath of  God. I have prayed that I would sail in the wind of God’s breath and that He would breath into me more and more. I wrote a blog about it a while back.

I have also been praying another strange and different prayer. I have been praying that I would vibrate in tune with God, and that I would vibrate in a tone that harmonizes with God’s song. I know that is different, but that is what I have been lead to pray, and I wrote a blog about the “music of the ethers” recently because this prayer brought a dream back to mind that I had about this harmonic music.

Well, a couple of nights ago I was looking up videos on you tube. I decided to look up Rob Bell. He is a very controversial church pastor that I honestly had never heard of until he came out with a very controversial book this year. I really don’t keep up with all of the different pastors and Christian writers that much, but all of the controversy surrounding his new book as well as the topic of the book caught my attention. So the point is that I have not read any of his other books or watched many of his videos. I really have not  even known about him before until this latest book.

Well, I went on You Tube a couple of nights ago on a whim to see some of his videos. I have not even thought about watching these videos until this week when I saw the DVD’s at a friend’s house on her shelf. Out of at least 30 videos I happened to pick a video called, “Breathe.” I was blown away when I saw him talking about the breath of God in a very similar way as I have been thinking and talking about it lately! And it is a very different way of thinking. It is kind of a strange way of thinking.  Ha! It was a serendipitous moment of affirmation for me I guess.

Then I wanted to see more so I clicked on another video. This one was called, “Rhythm.” And it was talking about being in tune or out of tune with the song that is God! Wow! How strange that an actual pastor is talking about the odd things that I have been thinking and praying about, and I honestly had never heard this before! I thought, “Is he reading my blog? ” But I was only being silly because his videos are older than my blog. More synchronicity!

And of course I am having this moment of affirmation and serendipity with a highly controversial pastor who many are calling a heretic! Oh well! I trust God, and this is where God is leading me, and things are aligning.

And like I said before, nothing has changed yet. Things are still the same right now, but I can feel a shift happening in the spirit that I have felt before, and I know that things are about to happen. I do not know what they are, and that is a little unnerving.

My husband has been feeling squeezed tightly in all areas lately as have I. It seems as if everything is going wrong and things are really difficult right now. It feels like we are at our breaking point in every area, but I know from my past experience that even this is  a sign of the shift.

It is just like childbirth. When a woman is in labor and she feels squeezed in every area….when everything gets really hard and painful….when she has reached the limit and cannot take it anymore…..something is about to break through. She is about to give birth to something new. A baby is about to join the outside physical reality that we are living in now.

I have noticed that this is a pattern in life…all over life. When you feel like you are over the limit and are in such a tight place that everything feels like it is being squeezed….when you feel like you are at your breaking point and you cannot take anymore….when the pains of life get harder and closer together….you are on the threshold of  breaking through to something new. Things are about to change. Nothing is permanent on earth….even hard things. It is in the darkest places that you can eventually begin to see the light breaking through.

This is the pattern even in nature such as when the sun rises after a dark night or when rays of light begin to burst through dark clouds, or when a baby comes out of the dark womb into the light of life.  So much can be learned by watching nature’s patterns because they run parallel with the patterns of life and spirit.

Well I feel it, and I cannot deny it. I know it sounds spooky wooky, but I have been in this place enough times to recognize it. I am excited to see where it takes us.

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