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We are finally here…the anxiously awaited year of 2012. This is the year that many have thought about, talked about and written about….and here we are. And I feel a buzz of excitement in the air. There is spirit of change blowing through this time and space like a hurricane force wind.

There are uprisings of people around the globe. All over the world people are finding the courage to rise up against oppression, tyranny and lies. People are demanding truth, and they are revealing truth of all kinds. Things that have been kept in darkness are being brought out into the light for all to see. There is an awakening of sorts happening. I see it all over the world.

I have been connected to people around the planet through the internet in a way that was not possible just a few decades ago. I hear the same message and longing from them all. People are calling for hearts to be changed and opened. People of the world are crying out for the truth to be revealed and for truth to be heard. People are longing for human connection and divine connection. People are daring to believe that a better world is possible. People are looking for something much greater than themselves alone whether they realize it or not.

I see great fear in people of the world, but then I see them fighting that fear with great ferocity through the power of  faith, love, and connection.  I see courage in humanity…courage to speak the truth…courage to stand up for peace, freedom, and love…courage to be themselves.

There is an opening right now like a beautiful flower that is just beginning to bloom. Hearts, minds, and eyes are opening globally and this is being manifested in many different ways.

There is also great opposition to the spirit if these times. That is the way that it is on planet earth. There is always opposition…light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil….everything has an equal and opposite reaction.

I feel a burning in my soul and a vibration of a higher frequency that is becoming more harmonious with the song of the creator’s love….Agape…unconditional love.

No…I do not always act in harmony with it, but I feel it in my spirit. As I allow myself to open more and more to the heart of God… the spirit of this great love flows through me and it makes me dance to its music.

These are amazing times to be alive. My cells are singing with anticipation of the things to come. I do not imagine it all to be easy as great things rarely are, but I am working towards surrender to something beautiful and new. I hope that you can tune in and feel it too.

Just like a mighty Oak Tree receives the light of heaven freely through its branches,

As I reach toward heaven the love of God flows freely through me by grace.

Just as the tree is nourished all the way to its roots by the sun,

So am I nourished through and through with the light of God.

As the tree sways in harmony with the breeze while remaining firmly rooted to the dark womb of earth,

I remain solidly grounded as I am moved in a dance like flow by the breath of the Holy Creator.

Everywhere I look nature teaches me about the love of the one who created it.

And in looking at the tree I am reminded that I too am a conduit between heaven and earth.
As I gently walk the earth in this dense physical body totally open-hearted and surrendered in spirit,

The love of Christ flows to me and through me, and I humbly become a bringer of heaven to earth.

When I was younger I ran from the mundane. I actually rebelled against the idea of just surviving life….just getting up and going to work to pay the bills then coming home. I lived simply in a shack with literally  four rooms total and no hallway…just four adjoining rooms in the ghetto. I drove an old car that was already paid off, and I still do that out of necessity. I did not tie myself down with marriage or children. Most of my 20’s I lived outside of the limits and expectations of society. I was spontaneous. I traveled. I played a lot! I spent much of my time at the beach. I stayed up all night and saw many sunrises as well as sunsets. I got really in tune with nature. I had many encounters with dolphins, and it was almost as if I could call them in, and they would come. There was something magical about that time. I worked jobs and went to school somewhere in there, but that was not even my priority.

I always used to say, “I watched my parents live their lives going to work and coming home doing things that they really didn’t even care much about just to get by, and they did not seem happy. I will not do that!”

Like most people in their 20’s I was very idealistic. I was very positive, and I just knew that I could change the world.

Towards the end of my 20’s life slowly began to lasso me in and tie me down. And by our 30’s my husband and I somehow got sucked into the machine, and we ended up working and coming home too tired to do anything else. We just had to do what we had to do to pay our bills, and we had to be “responsible” like society demands. We succumbed to the very thing that we had been running from and refusing to conform to for so long. It seemed like we didn’t really have a choice.

Why do so many of us as adults just end up in this daily grind. It is like we just fall asleep, and life becomes this routine of working, paying bills, taking care of business, and doing the “right” thing so that we can “get by.” Sure, we have some fun in there sometimes. We have some laughs and some good times. We do some great things for others, but most of the time many of us seem to be just sleep walking through life in this daily grind. It seems like we escape it for a moment only to get sucked right back into the black hole of surviving life in a sleepy haze of “have to’s.”

I fought it tooth and nail, and it still happened to me! There is something not right about this.

I need to wake up again. I crave a richer more exotic experience in this life. This life is so short, but on this physical plane it seems like we are so slowed down. It is as if our spirits have to slow their vibrations way down in order to remain with our heavy physical bodies so life just seems heavy at times.

That rebelliousness against conforming to the mundane machine is still flickering inside me. There has got to be a better way to live. The more we have the heavier we get and the more we get tied to the ground.

I do not think that I was made to be tied to the ground. I feel like I was made to fly because there is a restlessness inside me that just keeps whispering, “This is not all there is. There is more.”

As I align myself with the flow of God and get more in harmony with God’s song I feel the weight of this more. I feel the need to throw off more and more of the heaviness that keeps me bound to what is “expected” of me as an adult. I do not want being responsible to become my new bondage. Yes….I want to be responsible but not bound by it.

I want to wake up now. I want to be awake and alive now. I do not want to sleep through this short life only to wake up when I die and say, “Oh my word! I missed the whole thing, and it’s already over!”

God…..move me. Open my heart. Fill me up, and wake me up to the beauty and the fullness of life that is here now. Pour your light into me. Lighten me, and lift me up on the wind of your breath. Let me fly again.

Sometimes in life I can feel a shift occurring, and it is hard to describe in words. I can feel things or even see hints of things happening in a spiritual dimension before things happen in the material world. It is weird, but that is how things work. You hear phrases that describe this phenomenon like “mind over matter,” but I have noticed on a strange intuitive level that things happen or are formed on some kind of energetic dimension before they manifest physically.

This is one way that faith works. You “call things that are not as though they are. ” You speak things into being.

Also sometimes illness can begin on an emotional or soul level . A person can have severe emotional trauma that they never deal with or a wounded soul that eventually manifests itself in the physical body as sickness, addiction, or pain.

I know this sounds like mumbo jumbo, but all I can say is that I have experienced this enough in my life to be able to vouch for the fact that there is something bigger going on, and I can intuitively feel something sometimes before I see it materialize in reality.

The funny thing is that I do not know what is about to happen or materialize. I can just feel that something is about to change or shift. I even felt it right before I got pregnant with my daughter.

Well I feel that now. And there has been some interesting synchronicity lately that affirms my feelings. I do not believe in coincidences.

Lately, for a while now actually, I have been praying differently. Every day I have been praying about the breath of  God. I have prayed that I would sail in the wind of God’s breath and that He would breath into me more and more. I wrote a blog about it a while back.

I have also been praying another strange and different prayer. I have been praying that I would vibrate in tune with God, and that I would vibrate in a tone that harmonizes with God’s song. I know that is different, but that is what I have been lead to pray, and I wrote a blog about the “music of the ethers” recently because this prayer brought a dream back to mind that I had about this harmonic music.

Well, a couple of nights ago I was looking up videos on you tube. I decided to look up Rob Bell. He is a very controversial church pastor that I honestly had never heard of until he came out with a very controversial book this year. I really don’t keep up with all of the different pastors and Christian writers that much, but all of the controversy surrounding his new book as well as the topic of the book caught my attention. So the point is that I have not read any of his other books or watched many of his videos. I really have not  even known about him before until this latest book.

Well, I went on You Tube a couple of nights ago on a whim to see some of his videos. I have not even thought about watching these videos until this week when I saw the DVD’s at a friend’s house on her shelf. Out of at least 30 videos I happened to pick a video called, “Breathe.” I was blown away when I saw him talking about the breath of God in a very similar way as I have been thinking and talking about it lately! And it is a very different way of thinking. It is kind of a strange way of thinking.  Ha! It was a serendipitous moment of affirmation for me I guess.

Then I wanted to see more so I clicked on another video. This one was called, “Rhythm.” And it was talking about being in tune or out of tune with the song that is God! Wow! How strange that an actual pastor is talking about the odd things that I have been thinking and praying about, and I honestly had never heard this before! I thought, “Is he reading my blog? ” But I was only being silly because his videos are older than my blog. More synchronicity!

And of course I am having this moment of affirmation and serendipity with a highly controversial pastor who many are calling a heretic! Oh well! I trust God, and this is where God is leading me, and things are aligning.

And like I said before, nothing has changed yet. Things are still the same right now, but I can feel a shift happening in the spirit that I have felt before, and I know that things are about to happen. I do not know what they are, and that is a little unnerving.

My husband has been feeling squeezed tightly in all areas lately as have I. It seems as if everything is going wrong and things are really difficult right now. It feels like we are at our breaking point in every area, but I know from my past experience that even this is  a sign of the shift.

It is just like childbirth. When a woman is in labor and she feels squeezed in every area….when everything gets really hard and painful….when she has reached the limit and cannot take it anymore…..something is about to break through. She is about to give birth to something new. A baby is about to join the outside physical reality that we are living in now.

I have noticed that this is a pattern in life…all over life. When you feel like you are over the limit and are in such a tight place that everything feels like it is being squeezed….when you feel like you are at your breaking point and you cannot take anymore….when the pains of life get harder and closer together….you are on the threshold of  breaking through to something new. Things are about to change. Nothing is permanent on earth….even hard things. It is in the darkest places that you can eventually begin to see the light breaking through.

This is the pattern even in nature such as when the sun rises after a dark night or when rays of light begin to burst through dark clouds, or when a baby comes out of the dark womb into the light of life.  So much can be learned by watching nature’s patterns because they run parallel with the patterns of life and spirit.

Well I feel it, and I cannot deny it. I know it sounds spooky wooky, but I have been in this place enough times to recognize it. I am excited to see where it takes us.

I have been fascinated by near death experiences for many years. I have read many books about them and watched many documentaries and accounts of these amazing experiences. Although none of them are exactly the same just as no one is exactly the same, they all have a few things in common unless they are one of the few “hell” experiences that I have heard about.

One of these commonalities is “the light.” They all include a light that provides love in it’s purest form…a love and acceptance that they have never experienced on earth. This light also contains knowledge of everything, and people are coming out of it and going into it.

I always thought that this sounded like such a beautiful experience, but I must admit that I was a little worried too. I would think, “Well, is God just a big light that people get absorbed into?” That seems kind of anticlimactic to me. But I recently saw a woman’s account of her NDE (Near Death Experience) that gave me the best “Aha!” moment.

She said that when she was in this marvelous light she asked one of the people that had come to greet her if this light was God. The person said, “No, the light is not God. The light is what happens when God breathes.”

Wow! Something just clicked when I heard this.  I do not know if I can explain it in words because it is something so beyond words, but something intuitive clicked for me. It felt like something was dropped into my heart, and a shift occured……The breath of God! breath of life…containing love in its highest form and knowledge of all things…..How amazing! How beautiful!

Since then I have been thinking about this breath and about how much I just want to align myself with it and sail in its wind. I want to flow where ever it carries me. I want to have it breathed into me more and more, and I want to be so full of it that I am radiating it out to others. I want to ride the waves in its tide.

I have been praying for this in my prayers every day. And I am being carried, but I know from past experiences that this kind of prayer leads to big things. Not big material things……big spiritual things.  I know that when something this strange and indescribable becomes my greatest desire and prayer that it is only a matter of time before things change in a big way. It is a little scary when I think about it too much, but there is no fear in the breath of God….”There is no fear in love.”

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