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This is a very hard planet to live on really.

I know. I know. …Many are thinking “But there is so much beauty! You just have to be positive! I am happy.” And believe me…I understand all of that. And it is true too, but suffering is also a very real part of living on planet earth, and it is happening all around us….everywhere… right now.

Suffering is a great equalizer for all of humanity. In our suffering we really are all the same. For example, when a tsunami hits and everything is washed away including loved ones it no longer matters who is wealthy and who is poor, or who has a PHD and who is uneducated, or who is male or female, or who is old or young, or who is popular or unpopular and so on and so on. None of it means anything at all when everyone has lost it all. The suffering makes us all equal, and we are all in it together. Suffering tears down all of our superficial facades. It strips away our separateness, and in our human suffering….we are one.

The same is true for all kinds of suffering: abuse, losing a loved one too soon, sickness, natural disasters, etc….All causes of suffering make everything else fade away, and we all become the same human when we are in those situations together. And sadly suffering is an integral and inescapable part of the human condition.

Even Jesus Christ…God incarnate…Living Word…King of Kings…Light of the World….

……..When he became human and came to be with us on this earth in the flesh…..he too was stripped of everything and experienced suffering at its worst. He became one of us and one with us. He, in his great love and humility, shared in this human condition of suffering with us and for us. To be fully human is to endure suffering.

This is a bitter pill to swallow.

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