I have felt for a long time that the whole concept of male and female has been completely skewed and twisted by society, culture, and honestly maybe the devil himself.  And so the whole point of sex has been warped , and we have lost our ability to connect with God in one of the highest ways possible while in these fleshly bodies on earth. I have had an inner knowing of this since before I even got married, but because I have such severe issues with intimacy on many levels I still have not been able to get it all right yet. But now that I know in my heart and spirit what is supposed to be happening and what is possible I am unhappy and at times actually disgusted with anything less.

Man……I hate writing about this! But I am following my inner nudging……Why must I be nudged to write about this delicate subject? Lord help me! Why? Why?…….The only comfort that I can get is that writing this may just be one of the steps that brings me or maybe someone else closer to a wholeness in this area that I honestly do not think that many people enjoy fully.

So let me begin with a quote from scripture:

“So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him: male and female He created them.”    Genesis 2:27

It then goes on to say that God blessed them, told them to be fruitful and multiply and gave them dominion over every living creature on earth.

This is the first and the oldest version of the creation of mankind story in the Bible. In this story when it says that God created “man” and created “him” in His image it seems obvious to me that “man” and “him” are referring to mankind or humanity because it goes on to say….”male and female He created them.”

So I see that both man and woman are created in the image of God. It is not as if a male is created in the image of God and then some new thing is made as an after thought that happens to be a female and that this female is somehow made of something less than or outside of God’s image.

In this story they are both created by God at the same time and both are created in the image of God. Both are blessed and both are given dominion.

So when I see this I think that everything that is male and everything that is female are an image of God. We are both created in God’s image so God must contain all of it within Himself. As I see it, having only male or only female human beings would not be the image of God in its entirety. It takes both to express an image of all that God is.

In the Bible which is a book from a very patriarchal Jewish tradition and culture God is seen as very masculine and is called the father  many times, but there are amazingly a few examples where God compares himself to a mother nursing or protecting or having compassion on her young! We don’t get to hear much about those for some reason, but they are there.

In the next (yes…there are two) story of creation which is a younger version of the creation story God creates a man out of dust and then breathes life and spirit into him. (This story does not mention the image of God by the way.) He then creates everything else and then sees that this man, Adam, needs to be in a relationship with another human being so God puts Adam to sleep and basically pulls another human being out of Adam’s side.

“Then Adam said, This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”  Genesis 2: 23, 24

Now I have heard some ridiculously degrading interpretations of this. I have heard that a man is created in God’s image, and a woman is created in man’s image! In my opinion that is just rubbish.

First of all this second creation story where “man” was created first does not even say that he was created in the image of God (which I do believe he was by the way.) But this horrible interpretation of the second story also totally negates the first and oldest creation story that clearly says that mankind, both male and female, were created in God’s image and that both were given blessing and dominion together.

Now this may be hard for some people to take, but after much study and prayer I see the second story a little differently. To me it seems that Adam was containing the image of God all within himself as one being just as God is one. This means that he (Adam) had it all inside of him…..everything that God is…..all that is male and all that is female…..everything……everything that makes up the entire image of God. God saw that Adam needed relationship just as God needs relationship so he basically pulled another being out of Adam to make two complimentary beings. And now it is not one being but two and together they are the image of God.

This is the reason that the two complimentary beings leave their parents and come back together to become one flesh…..again. The way that I see it is that when the male and female come together as one flesh they are reuniting two parts of God’s image that were separated so that in their union they become the entire image of God again in its fullness.

This is the reason that sex is or at least is intended to be a spiritual act….maybe the closet we get to experiencing being the full image of God. And it is through sex that we are able to create new life just like God creates life. Is this when we are closest to God????

I believe that it is very possible that this is how it should be, but most of us are not experiencing this. Sex has been so horribly cheapened, degraded, abused and cut off from everything that is spiritual and so we are sexually sick as a human race.

In many cases we have made sex the farthest thing from the image of God that we can! It almost seems in many cases to have been dulled down to a fleshly animalistic act like when one big chimp chases down and mounts another chimp (male or female) in order to show dominance!

So many times sex occurs (even in marriages) when there is no emotional or spiritual intimacy involved. There is no connection of souls….only bodies. Many times it is done just to relieve a physical urge or stress while people are fantasizing about gross things or replaying pornography in their minds. Icky!

That is the reason that I say it disgusts me at times. I know that sounds harsh, but when I think of sex as two souls becoming one and connecting on every level…emotionally, spiritually, and physically….two souls coming together to create one larger more complete soul….getting back to the wholeness that is the image of God…..creating an energy that actually sparks new life….a beautiful truly ecstatic experience that God intended us to have….

And then I think about the “Who’s your daddy, kinky, degrading at times, nothing but flesh kind of sex that seems to be the norm in society or pornography that treats women like objects of pleasure to be subjugated rather than the precious image of God that they really are or the horrible abuses that take place in this world where sex can become one of the most evil acts on the planet….I literally get disgusted.

Maybe I am setting my sights too high and expecting too much out of this experience. There is probably some kind of balance somewhere. I am trying to sort it all out, but honestly I would rather set out to reach the stars and maybe get to the clouds than reach for the gutter and end up settling for the sewer. But that is just me.

If men and women start to see each other as the true reflections of God that we both are then we all would approach sex very differently….very reverantly….very deeply, and the world could be a very different place.