I have been fascinated by near death experiences for many years. I have read many books about them and watched many documentaries and accounts of these amazing experiences. Although none of them are exactly the same just as no one is exactly the same, they all have a few things in common unless they are one of the few “hell” experiences that I have heard about.

One of these commonalities is “the light.” They all include a light that provides love in it’s purest form…a love and acceptance that they have never experienced on earth. This light also contains knowledge of everything, and people are coming out of it and going into it.

I always thought that this sounded like such a beautiful experience, but I must admit that I was a little worried too. I would think, “Well, is God just a big light that people get absorbed into?” That seems kind of anticlimactic to me. But I recently saw a woman’s account of her NDE (Near Death Experience) that gave me the best “Aha!” moment.

She said that when she was in this marvelous light she asked one of the people that had come to greet her if this light was God. The person said, “No, the light is not God. The light is what happens when God breathes.”

Wow! Something just clicked when I heard this.Β  I do not know if I can explain it in words because it is something so beyond words, but something intuitive clicked for me. It felt like something was dropped into my heart, and a shift occured……The breath of God! breath of life…containing love in its highest form and knowledge of all things…..How amazing! How beautiful!

Since then I have been thinking about this breath and about how much I just want to align myself with it and sail in its wind. I want to flow where ever it carries me. I want to have it breathed into me more and more, and I want to be so full of it that I am radiating it out to others. I want to ride the waves in its tide.

I have been praying for this in my prayers every day. And I am being carried, but I know from past experiences that this kind of prayer leads to big things. Not big material things……big spiritual things.Β  I know that when something this strange and indescribable becomes my greatest desire and prayer that it is only a matter of time before things change in a big way. It is a little scary when I think about it too much, but there is no fear in the breath of God….”There is no fear in love.”